Your Spring Lawn

Your lawn goes into dormancy during the winter, frigid temperatures, drying winds, and a lack of snow cover can leave it looking tired and ragged once the snow melts. Here are two  simple steps you can take in the spring to get your lawn off to a good start for the growing season.icon

Aerate –

Aerating your lawn creates holes in the soil to allow air and water to penetrate to the root zone. This can be especially beneficial on heavy clay or compacted soils, or on areas damaged by extensive periods of wet or dry weather conditions.  Our hollow-tined aerators remove small plugs from the soil as they pass over your lawn, which allows for the greatest penetration of nutrients and maximizes the use of water made available through irrigation or rain fall.

Feed Your Lawn –

Your lawn requires water and nutrients to be green and healthy. Harmon and Sons custom blended products are formulated for the Wasatch Fronts climate and soils, we do not use pre-mixed/formulated products that are sent to retail outlets from St. George to Logan. Our first two Custom blended applications(early spring and late spring)  include a pre-emergent to stop weeds from taking hold, broad leaf weed control to kill any weeds that are emerging and a blend of nutrients to FEED YOUR LAWN and help establish or maintain its root structure and give it the rich green appearance you want, and our Custom Program is GUARANTEED!