Investing in Community Trees

Urban and Community Forestry/Green Infrastructure Investing in Community Trees By Matt Spitsen | October 1, 2018 NeighborWoods Month Marks the Celebration of Community Forests Young people are told that if they want to retire comfortably, they need to start saving a little money early in life. Deposits, even with low interest rates, over time, add up to surprisingly large yields of cash. This same concept can be applied to trees. The “deposits” are trees planted, and the yields are the myriad benefits trees provide. Why Tree City USA? Why YOUR City? One of the greatest forces in helping grow community forests are local non-profit organizations like those that are part of the Alliance for Community Trees network. These community-based organizations are dedicated to planting and caring for trees. They are the boots on the ground and they are changing towns and cities across the country. National Wildlife Federation reports that there are up to 200 million spaces alon..
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