Do You 811?

Tree Planting Do You 811? By Arbor Day Foundation | October 5, 2018 If not, you should. It can save your life and protect the environment. Guest post by Mary Patricia Kindt, Underground Safety Alliance. Does 811 sound familiar? For tree lovers, or anyone who ever digs or does underground work of any sort, it’s a very important number to know. The “Call Before You Dig” number, better known as 811, is the national federally designated phone number for underground line locating. However, thanks to the progression of technology, there is now an easier and faster way to have your utility lines marked, and that is with online locate requests (learn more at Either way, 811 is synonymous with underground safety. Contacting 811 is free, and is a public service intended to keep the public and environment safe. The 811 number has been around for 11 years, although the Call Before You Dig system was in place long before that. With population growth and the ceaseless ..
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