Full Sun, Partial Sun, Does it Really Matter?

Tree Care Full Sun, Partial Sun, Does it Really Matter? By Sheereen Othman | October 8, 2018 There has been a recent craze in the plant scene. Suddenly everyone wants house plants, desk plants and mini succulents that they can scatter throughout. And why shouldn’t they want plants, there are so many benefits to them environmentally and aesthetically. Naturally, I jumped on the fad and bought my first succulent, a leatherpetal. I put it on my nightstand under my window and figured my work was done. But then a couple weeks later the leaves started to droop. What was happening to my succulent? I (embarrassingly) overlooked one of the most basic rules of plant care: sun exposure. My succulent was under my window, so it wasn’t getting enough sun. In fact, it wasn’t getting any sun. That same care my succulent needed transitions to outdoor plants as well, like trees. Of all the things we tout when it comes to tree planting and care, the right tree in the right place is at the..
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