The Campus Gardens of a Real Plant Geek, with Friends  by  Susan Harris

Horticulturist Sam Bahr, like so many people who work at the University of Maryland, is someone I first met as a neighbor in nearby Historic Greenbelt. He got his coveted job at the UMD Arboretum and Botanic Garden back in 2008 thanks in part to his good education – a B.S. in agriculture from Kansas State University, majoring in ornamental horticulture with an emphasis on landscape design and operations. I asked Sam to show me some of his work there and he generously gave me a guided tour, with follow-up details about my favorite plants blooming there in early October. It was especially fun for me to hear about the plant-lovers around the U.S. and locally who’ve donated plants to Sam for use at the university. More proof to me that serious plant geeks like Sam are a generous bunch with their cherished seeds and cuttings, even with people they’ve only met online. My mini-tour started in Tawes Plaza, where he designs, chooses plants and supervises maintenance of the extensive gardens ..
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