Girdling Roots And What To Do About Them

Tree Planting Girdling Roots And What To Do About Them By Arbor Day Foundation | October 15, 2018 Guest post by John Lang of Friendly Tree. Imagine wearing a belt around your waist that is being squeezed tighter and tighter, and you’ll get an idea of what girdling roots do to a tree. Girdling roots are more common than many people realize, yet they can be deadly. When lateral roots at (or sometimes, just below) the surface of the soil encircle or cut into the main trunk of a tree, the flow of water and nutrients becomes restricted. The longer a tree has to deal with girdling roots, the weaker and more unstable it becomes. What Causes Girdling Roots? Typically, girdling roots don’t just “happen.” Trees in urban environments are exposed to certain factors trees in nature don’t have to contend with, which can cause numerous issues, including girdling roots. The most common cause is improper planting/transplanting. When trees remain in their nursery containers for too long..
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