5 Stunning Flowering Trees

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5 Stunning Flowering Trees

By Sheereen Othman | May 9, 2018

Mother’s Day is around the corner and planting a tree — or gifting a tree — is a meaningful way to honor the caretaker(s) in your life. Trees only gain value as they grow, and these 5 flowering trees aren’t just stunning as landscape trees, but they will add fragrance, attract wildlife and pollinators, and add a little buzz to your yard. Check your local nursery for one of these spectacular flowering trees and shrubs.

1. Date Night™ Tuxedo™ Weigela

Weigela x ‘Velda’

This striking shrub brings life to the landscape. With its profusion of white blooms and dark foliage, the Date Night™ Tuxedo™ Weigela attracts butterflies and bees. It is loaded with flowers and has a long bloom time, from summer into fall, and thrives in a wide range of soils, hardiness zones 4-9.

2. Potted Chinese Snowball Viburnum

Viburnum macrocephalum

If you like hydrangeas, then you’ll like the Chinese snowball. This classic viburnum blooms single flowers similar to a hydrangea. What’s more, these flowers can be cut and used in gorgeous displays. The flowers bloom from May to June and attract butterflies. They grow in hardiness zones 6-9.

3. Southern Magnolia

Magnolia grandiflora

You can’t go wrong with this iconic beauty. The southern magnolia is fragrant, historic, and resilient in various climates. The tree boasts large, creamy white flowers and rich leathery leaves. It blooms May through June and can even withstand some flooding and moderate drought. It does best in hardiness zones 6-10.

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4. Fragrant Lilac

Syringa vulgaris

The fragrant lilac is an old-time garden favorite. With its long-lasting flower clusters and lush green foliage, the classic scent of lilac stirs nostalgia and a “coming of spring.” Historically, purple lilacs signify the first emotions of love, and these flowers are easy to love. They bloom in April/May and are extremely hardy. They can be planted as a hedge, shrub border, or even a windbreak. They thrive in hardiness zones 3-7.

5. Northern Catalpa

Catalpa speciosa

This is a tree that demands your attention. White, showy flowers. Giant heart-shaped leaves. Dangling bean-like seed pods. Twisting trunk and branches. How could you not stop to take it in? And with all of these unique features, the northern catalpa is popular with kids as well. This showstopper is hardy and fast-growing, doing best in hardiness zones 4-8.

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There are so many stunning trees and shrubs that add beauty, shade, and value to your home that it can be hard to pick just one. But there is more than one way to gift a tree, you can also send a Give-A-Tree E-card, each card plants a tree in one of our nation’s forests.

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Sheereen Othman

Communications Associate, Marketing Communications

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