A Message From Dan Lambe: Happy Arbor Day

Arbor Day Executive Message

A Message From Dan Lambe: Happy Arbor Day

By Arbor Day Foundation | April 24, 2017

It’s April – the month of National Arbor Day and the time to celebrate trees. Most everyone can agree that planting trees is important and brings positive benefits to our lives. Arbor Day is a break from all that is going on around us.

Trees do so much for us. In our yards, they provide shade, reduce energy costs and increase property values. Along our streets, they reduce stormwater runoff that can carry pollutants to our waterways. Throughout our communities, they improve the mental and respiratory health, reduce crime, break up heat islands, create jobs and boost the economy. In our forests, they restore critical wildlife habitat, provide opportunities for recreation and maintain healthy watersheds to protect drinking water resources for millions of Americans. And no matter where they’re planted, trees are working hard to filter pollutants out of our air and water, sequester carbon, release oxygen and provide immeasurable beauty and serenity that feed the human soul.

Arbor Day is that one day every year reminding us to think about all that trees do for us — a day for reflection and for action. On April 28, communities across the country will to come together to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. We invite you to set differences aside, grab a shovel and make a positive impact in your community by planting a tree. Visit celebratearborday.com to see what celebrations are happening near you.

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