About Us

Harmon and Sons has been locally and family owned since 1981. We began with treating lawns to help our customers have healthy, thriving lawns. Since then, we have expanded to lawn, tree, and pest control services, and currently service from Logan to Lehi. We pride ourselves on great service, superior products, and the personal touch you deserve.


Lawn Care

We utilize custom blended products, tailored specifically to our soil and climate here in Utah. Our Technicians are trained and licensed in advanced lawn care and pest control techniques. With our full lawn application process, your lawn is guaranteed to be green and weed free.


Tree Care

With our certified ISA Arborist and our Wedgel injection process, we can help your trees and shrubs reach their full health potential.


Pest Control

Our friendly, licensed technicians will help prevent or eliminate the pests that invade your home or business. We all know those pests are a nuisance, but they can also be a serious health hazard. We will treat your home or business with environmentally friendly products that will effectively eliminate and prevent future pest problems.


We understand it is our customers who keep us in business, so we have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our “Custom Programs”, at no additional cost. Let us help you get that green, thriving, pest free home or business.