Aphids and Spider Mites

Do your trees/shrubs have Aphids or Spider Mites?

Aphids feed in clusters and prefer new shoots or young leaves. Most aphids are 1/10 inch long, and are commonly green, pink and black. Similar to a mosquito to humans, Aphids feed by sucking the moisture/water. This causes the plant to yellow, dry out, shrivel and even cause death of the plant.


aphidsonrose      aphidsrose      Feeding_Aphids

Spider Mites are commonly found in mid to late summer. They thrive in the heat and put a lot of stress on the host plant. We commonly find them in Dwarf Alberta Spruces, Blue Spruces, Junipers, Fitzers and Tams. Spider Mites reproduce rapidly and can devastate a plant very quickly.

Spruce_Spider_Mite_Spru       Red_Spider_MiteDamageFull       Spider mites