Arbor Day Foundation Member Story: Robert Frey

Arbor Day Member Stories

Arbor Day Foundation Member Story: Robert Frey

By Nina Burkey | July 16, 2018

It is not hard to continue to be inspired by nature when the images above are your view. Robert Frey, (Bob) of Lakeside Advisors, Inc. in Seattle, WA has been a member of the Arbor Day Foundation for the past 22 years. He enjoyed watching the baby seedlings he received grow from their tiny size into their full grown majestic beauty.

Bob first became a member of the Foundation because, “the Arbor Day Foundation provided a simple and easily understandable way of benefiting trees and forests.” The contributions of trees that are necessary to life such as; absorbing pollutants, producing oxygen, preventing erosion and creating strong communities have always been apparent to him.

Having spent his childhood in the Midwest, Bob carried his love of nature with him into adulthood. He believes he was, “destined to end up in a 111-year-old barn on 2.5 acres in Normandy Park, where the larger, tree-filled properties strengthen the community.” Although the barn has been renovated into a beautiful home, the rich history, original architecture, and much of the landscaping remains the same.

When asked what advice he would give to future generations Bob responded, “The greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping another person reach full potential, in every situation you are either part of a problem or the solution. Ideally this will enable one to be currently happy.”

We couldn’t agree more and are thankful to Bob and all our supporters like him who share a commitment to make our country greener and healthier through planting trees.



Nina Burkey

Nina Burkey

Donor Relationship Coordinator

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