How Comcast Engages Employees in Environmental Initiatives Across the Country

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How Comcast Engages Employees in Environmental Initiatives Across the Country

By Matt Spitsen | June 17, 2018

Companies we work with often set aggressive corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and employee engagement goals, but few culminate so many efforts in one day. But Comcast does just that. The 17th Annual Comcast Cares Day took place on April 21, 2018, in which over 100,000 Comcast NBCUniversal employees and their families volunteered in over 20 different countries across the world.

The partnership between Comcast and the Arbor Day Foundation resulted in over a thousand trees planted and hundreds of employees engaged—across four different states, all on the same day.

The Challenge

As a truly global company, Comcast has employees across the world, which can make it difficult to engage them in their CSR, sustainability, and environmental goals. It also makes it nearly impossible to provide employees with consistent experiences, as most events are organized individually on the local level. Comcast was looking for a way to create far-reaching, meaningful impact in communities recovering from various disasters across the country.


· Give Comcast employees a consistent volunteer experience
· Engage Comcast employees in their environmental efforts
· Activate a turnkey volunteer program in multiple major markets
· Create an environmental impact that aligns with their sustainability goals

The Solution

With local planting partners in thousands of communities across the United States, the Arbor Day Foundation is able to facilitate environmental volunteer opportunities focused on planting and caring for trees. For this pilot project on Comcast Cares Day 2018, our focus was on four different communities recovering from various natural disasters. Through our partnerships with state and local networks, we pinpointed the following four communities to hold events:

· Houston, TX; Hurricane Harvey Recovery
· Miami, FL; Hurricane Irma Recovery
· Santa Rosa, CA; Tubbs Wildfire Recovery
· Denver, CO; Invasive Insect Recovery

In all four of these communities, we organized events where trees were planted in areas of need and distributed to homeowners affected by these disasters. Tools, supplies, planting instructions, and trees were provided at each planting event, creating seamless volunteer opportunities Comcast employees simply needed to attend.

The Results

In addition to supporting messaging efforts, we create quantitative reports highlighting the calculated environmental lifetime benefits your trees will provide to the community. Using software developed in partnership with Davey Tree and the U.S. Forest Service, we’re able to quickly estimate the impact of trees planted. Below are snapshots from our Impact Report for Comcast Cares Day 2018. Get a glimpse of the environmental benefits made possible from their work, as well as a short video highlighting the fun and impact they created.

Employee Engagement with the Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation facilitates tree planting events in thousands of communities across the United States that engage employees in a meaningful way, align with your company’s Sustainable Development Goals, and take your mission to the next level. Check out more information on Corporate Partnerships with the Arbor Day Foundation or start a conversation with us today by emailing We’re proud to work with many trusted partners across the country to tackle global issues through planting trees.

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Matt Spitsen

Program Growth Manager

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