How our Energy-Saving Trees Program Earned our Partner an Award

Energy-Saving Trees

How our Energy-Saving Trees Program Earned our Partner an Award

By Kristen Bousquet | May 24, 2018

Oncor Electric Delivery has been named the Environmental Leader Project of the Year

Great change happens when organizations work together. The Energy-Saving Trees program is a living example of the impact community trees can have on communities and the utility companies who distribute them.

For the last six years, we have partnered with Oncor Electric Delivery to give away free trees to Oncor customers in its service area throughout Texas. Participants use the online mapping tool to place trees on their property where they make the most impact. In the fall of 2017, the company gave away more than 8,500 trees — more than any other Energy-Saving Trees program. The trees come from local nurseries throughout Texas that are grown specifically for the Oncor program.

Together, we have given away more than 43,000 trees to Oncor customers. Trees that are strengthening urban forests across the state. Collectively, these trees will result in more than $10 million in electric savings in 20 years and provide more than $22 million in environmental benefits.

The Right Tree for the Right Place

We are thrilled that our partnership with Oncor has earned them recognition by national leaders. Oncor’s Energy-Saving Trees program has been named a 2018 Environmental Leader Project of the Year. The award recognizes excellence in projects that provide companies with environmental, sustainability, and energy management benefits. Winners are awarded based on scores from a panel of distinguished judges with in-the-trenches experience in environmental management.

One judge noted, “It’s hard to fault a program that not only provides trees, but also a website for planning their placement on a property and metrics for future environmental benefits.”

To celebrate Oncor’s incredible honor, we attended the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference in Denver last week where Oncor was presented with the award. This national recognition is a reminder of the value trees provide to communities and validation from industry experts on the strength of the Energy-Savings Trees program. The program is designed to help plant free trees in the right places that promote maximum energy savings, while also protecting important electric equipment.

Congratulations to Oncor for the Environmental Leader Project of the year, and for six years of partnership. Together, we are improving communities across Texas with the simple act of planting trees.

How well do you Know Trees? Take the Right Tree Right Place Quiz.

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Kristen Bousquet

Business Development Manager, Energy-Saving Trees

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