How to Create a Garden Around Your Home That Stands Out

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How to Create a Garden Around Your Home That Stands Out

By Arbor Day Foundation | November 10, 2017

Guest Post by Mike Andrews, My Door Pro.

Whether you just moved into a new home with a large lawn or recently sparked an interest in gardening, this article is for you. Sure, you can always ask your neighbors how they did it in their lawns, but as usual, you want to stand out from the crowd. You want your garden to be as attractive and as colorful as possible without the high cost.

Thinking of transforming your garden? These tips are for you ¾ everything you need to know about gardening is listed here ¾ eliminating the need to hire professional help.

  1. Ensure you have a weed-free garden

This is the first rule whenever you want to beautify your garden. Before anything else, ensure that you can rid your garden of weeds. You can get a wheeled stool to do the job. If you want to replant in place of the weeds, you can go for sweet alyssum (Loburia Maritima) or Mexican fleabane (Erigeron karvinskianus).

2. Use native plants

Look for native plants to use in your garden and consider weather and availability of these plants. Incorporate trees and shrubs of various sizes. Planting vegetation of different heights will add dimension to your garden and attract attention to amazing features.

3. Include bare walls and fences

If your garden extends to your garage, consider planting vines on the side of your house. There are numerous vines in various colors that can complement your garden’s theme. You can support the vines by incorporating some trellises or wires (some plants will not need this). Be aware of the conditions of the available space. Openings like garage doors and more should be free of vines (for obvious reasons).

4. Variety is key

When choosing plants to use, make sure to include variety. It’s best to use plants that bloom at various times of the year. If you only choose the same type of plant that blooms at the same time, your garden will look unattractive in other seasons of the year. A variety of species will make your garden look colorful and festive year-round.

5. Connect points with a walkway

A walkway is a perfect solution to avoid trampling on your lawn. This tactic can bring two benefits to you: provide a connection between your house and garage, patio, or fire pit, and become an additional attraction for your lawn ¾ if designed correctly. You can use materials that look similar to your house, or use bold colors to add a striking edge. Incorporate the design of your walkway to complement your garden and your house.

6. Add outdoor seating

Adding a hammock or a bench to your lawn can quickly create an outdoor escape for you and your family. You can choose to use a single seat for the perfect area to read books, or incorporate an outdoor dining area for your family cook-outs. Create outdoor seating near tall trees or plants for privacy. Whether you are using stone or pavers for your garden, don’t forget to surround the area with plants.

  1. Light up your garden

Lights should be a must in your garden. Not only will it allow passers-by to see your garden at night, but it will also help light walkways. The lights don’t necessarily need to be arranged in a straight line, think creatively of how to best design them.

  1. Consider a water feature

A fountain is a nice way to draw attention to your garden. Whether you want a small or large water feature, make sure the material of the fountain doesn’t look too busy or chaotic. Something simple and versatile like natural stone is an excellent material for fountains.

  1. Plant in pots

If this is your first time creating a garden, planting in pots is a good way to start off. It makes it easy to transfer your plants from one area to another, and they are low-maintenance.

Final thoughts

Landscaping is not an easy task. The number of design options and plant selections can make gardening feel overwhelming. These simple tips will help eliminate stress and guide you through your garden design.

Mike is a building expert who has specialized in garage construction and garage door repair for the past 30 years. He currently writes for My Door Pro and is dedicated to building and constructing garages for clients to the best possible standard. In his spare time, he enjoys a coffee at the local café.

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