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Our Huntsville arborist and Eden tree service professional can help you with your tree concerns. If you’re facing tree concerns, whether they involve preventative care, handling pests, or addressing diseases, our professional team is well-equipped with state-of-the-art tools and the latest treatment plans to meet all your needs.

Our commitment extends to the Huntsville and Eden tree service market, offering innovative solutions like the Wedgel injection process. This non-invasive treatment sets us apart, ensuring your trees receive the most effective care without causing harm. We’re excited to present our eco-friendly liquid tree fertilizer, ArborMAX application. Going beyond traditional fertilizers, this in-house developed system promotes robust root growth and strength, enhances foliage color and size, and contributes to the overall health of your trees and woody plants. The benefits extend even further; it plays a vital role in producing larger, better-tasting produce.

At Harmon & Sons, we transcend the ordinary. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations for your trees and woody plants. Take the first step towards ensuring the vitality of your landscape—reach out to us today to schedule a full evaluation with one of our skilled Huntsville and Eden Arborists. Your trees deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver it.

Harmon & Sons is happy to assist you in all your Hunstville and Eden arborist, tree doctor, lawn care needs and are happy to serve the surrounding areas of Salt Lake CityKaysvilleOgden, South Weber, ClearfieldSyracuse Bountiful.

Benefits of ArborMAX

Some Common Tree Issues

These are pictures of Fireblight in a Pear tree. We can treat this disease with our Layton tree Fungicide treatments.

These are pictures of Borer/Beetle Damage in another tree, which we can treat with our Wedgle Injection system, or Topical sprays. Whichever might benefit the tree more. Following up any of these diseases with our own ArborMAX Fertilizer can also help the tree heal itself after our Layton tree services and treatments.

These are pictures of live insects inside the tree! They do incredible damage quickly if left untreated!

Pseudo Cercospora (fungus disease) on Western Red Bud Tree

Severely Iron Deficient Tree. We can help these trees recover with our Iron Treatments and ArborMAX

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Arbor Max

Bring your trees and shrubs back to life with our Arbor Max product. Get the greenest trees, thickest shrubs, and fullest fruit.
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