Lawn Fertilization

Layton Lawn Fertilization Services

You’ve come to expect a healthy green lawn, free from weeds, pesky insect problems, and the effects of drought. There are many factors that can contribute to the general health and appearance of your lawn, therefore it’s important to feed your lawn regularly in order to ensure good overall health and to keep your grass looking its greenest.

At Harmon & Sons, our Layton lawn fertilizing specialists will tailor a six-treatment lawn fertilization program for your home or business, custom designed for your lawn’s specific needs. We only use lawn-care fertilizers that are custom blended by our experts and fertilizers that are the most appropriate for the soil and climate in the Wasatch Front region. In addition, our lawn fertilization products are child-safe and pet-safe. By applying a slow-release fertilizer in liquid or granular form, we can assure you that your lawn will receive the exact nutrients it needs to remain green and healthy.

Our Layton lawn fertilization services provide you with full lawn-care from a company you can trust, ensuring the health of your lawn to keep it looking great. We take pride in providing outstanding lawn fertilization services with a personal touch, and we’re equally proud of our top-notch products. Trust the experts at our family-owned Layton landscaping company to provide first-class customer service that will exceed your expectations. Put our many years of experience to work—we’d be delighted to help you maintain a healthy, lush lawn that you can be proud to call yours.

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