Layton Pest Control

When you have a pest problem, you want a safe, Eco-friendly solution. Our certified Layton pest control specialists can help with indoor and outdoor pest problems. We will evaluate any areas of concern and provide a custom pest control program that is safe for pets and children.

Whether you have ants, spiders, flying insects or rodents, we will eliminate and monitor your property to ensure it stays problem free year round. Of course, our work is guaranteed with a regular scheduled pest program. Call us so we can help find the right Layton pest control solution for you!

We will work on a 3-step process


Once you have seen evidence of a pest or simply want help protecting your home or business, one of our Certified Specialists will inspect and identify the problem. Our Layton pest control specialist will then offer a treatment to eliminate the current issue and then provide you with a comprehensive maintenance program to prevent reoccurring pest problems.


Your Harmon and Sons Specialist will take care of your identified pest issue with industry leading, child and pet safe Layton insect and rodent removal products. With scheduled applications, not only will we eliminate your current pest problem, we will also protect your home or business from future infestations.


Customer service is our priority. Our Pest Control Specialist will monitor your property on a year round scheduled visit. Each time treating any signs of pests and applying preventative measures. Remember, if you don’t see any pests… we are doing our job and if you happen to see signs of activity you have nothing to worry about, OUR WORK IS GUARANTEED with a scheduled program

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