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Plant it Forward

By Amy Ossian | December 8, 2016

For RiceSelect, one of the Arbor Day Foundation’s new corporate partners, planting trees isn’t just about earning metrics to include in their sustainability report. They understand the importance of planting trees for the future of their business and the world. Louis Fernandez, RiceSelect® Director of Marketing, says, “Trees are extremely important to the environment and to our daily lives; we want to do our part to give back and Plant it Forward.” The company has committed to planting 100,000 trees right here in the U.S. where their rice is grown.

In an industry where the land is solely responsible for the brands’ product offering and livelihood, RiceSelect is eager to give back to the land that gives them so much. Customers can feel good knowing their purchases are helping to plant trees that provide shade, beauty, habitat for wildlife, and clean our air and water.

RiceSelect has found a variety of ways to engage the public…of all ages…in the campaign. They are encouraging everyone to visit Plant it Forward to learn more about the need for trees across the country and vote on a region of the U.S. that they would like to see the 100,000 trees planted. Voters can choose from the Midwest, West, Northeast, or Southeast regions. RiceSelect also developed a video called Plant It Forward: A Musical Tree-bute. Enjoy this adorable animated musical video about the importance of our nation’s forests, as told by several of its inhabitants.

Exercise your right to vote for the region where you would like 100,000 trees to be planted. Vote here.

Read Planting Together Leads to Greener Success to see who else we’re planting with!

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Amy Ossian

Partner Relationship Manager, Corporate Partnerships

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  • Reply
    Shirley Warren
    December 10, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    I am sorry, but I have a question about the trees I received today. It is Dec 10, 2016. We are covered in snow and the ground is frozen. How do we keep the trees alive until we can plant? The would be about 4 months.

    • Reply
      Geoff Cook
      December 12, 2016 at 9:28 am

      Hello Shirley, we are glad to hear that you received your trees, but sorry to hear that they arrived at a time when your ground is frozen. When we ship our trees from our nursery, we take into consideration temperatures and weather (both at our nursery, and the final destination of our trees). However, weather can sometimes be somewhat unpredictable.

      Some things to consider for your trees:
      1) If your local ponds and lakes are not completely frozen over (to the extent where people can safely ice skate on them), then there is a chance that your ground may not be completely frozen. In that case, we’d recommend that you “Heel-in” your trees. For more specifics, please view:
      2) If your ground is completely frozen, you might consider planting them in pots and caring for them over the coming winter months. Then, once your ground thaws, hopefully you can transplant them to a more permanent location

      If you are unable to plant your trees, or (next spring) if you determine that your trees did not survive over the winter months, please contact our Member Services department, and we will be happy to replace your trees at no charge to you.

      We appreciate your support, and we apologize for any inconvenience that we may be causing you.

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