Simpson Nurseries Helps Deliver Trees to Homeowners

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Simpson Nurseries Helps Deliver Trees to Homeowners

By Kristen Bousquet | August 11, 2017

Have you ever placed your hand against the window only to jerk it back from the heat of the glass? Or maybe the frost on the outside was cooler than you anticipated. Summer heat and winter frosts can make it difficult for your house to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. When your home sits openly under the warmth of the sun or fights heavy winds, it must work harder to stay cool or keep warm.

There’s a sustainable fix for that. Planting a shade tree on the northwest corner of your house cools your home in the summer. Strategically planting a windbreak blocks heavy winds, keeping drafts out and heat in.

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Through our Energy-Saving Trees program we’ve partnered with utility companies to deliver more than 200,000 trees to homeowners across the country to plant on their properties. A lot of hard work goes into finding the healthiest trees to send to our customers. With the help of Simpson Nurseries, we’ve been able to deliver quality trees to homeowners.

Simpson Nurseries is the oldest nursery in Florida and has been operating for 116 years. Millions of trees and shrubs are sold through the nursery every year. Sixty acres of the 1300 total acres are dedicated to general nursery stock, including shade trees sent to participants of the Energy-Saving Trees program. Their philosophy of self-improvement and growth has helped us deliver quality, containerized plants to utility partners in the southeast region of the United States, helping us ship plants in a healthy manner.

Healthy trees mean homeowners can enjoy the benefits these trees provide, such as cleaning the air, filtering stormwater, and saving as much as 20 percent off their utility bills. Collectively, these neighborhood trees help keep communities cool, reducing city temperatures by up to 9 degrees if enough trees are planted. Communities benefit when homeowners plant trees in their yards.

Visit Energy-Saving Trees to find out if a program is active in your community.

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Kristen Bousquet

Business Development Manager, Energy-Saving Trees

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