Tree Campus USA Keeps Students Involved

Tree Campus USA

Tree Campus USA Keeps Students Involved

By Amber Filipi | May 25, 2017

Since 2008, the Tree Campus USA program has recognized college and university campuses that effectively manage campus trees, develop connectivity with the community beyond campus borders to foster healthy, urban forests, engage student population through service learning opportunities centered on campus, and community forestry efforts.

In 2016, more than 300 colleges met the program’s five standards and were recognized as a Tree Campus USA. Lone Star College-Montgomery received the distinction in 2016 and shares some of the wonderful forestry work the campus has focused on below.

From the beginning, Lone Star College-Montgomery has known the value of trees on our campus. Located just north of The Woodlands, Texas, students and visitors enjoy our “paradise behind the pines” wooded grounds. Our campus has a reputation for its beautiful setting, largely provided by trees.

Lone Star College –Montgomery is proud to be a designated Tree Campus USA since 2013. To earn this award, we make sure our environmental club students (ECOS) are involved in planting trees and have a small area where they raise seedlings in preparation for planting on campus. Our biology science students are enthusiastic to track and maintain the tree inventory. Each spring we partner with the Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife, as well as other agencies and organizations to host the Wildlife and Woodlands Expo. This free event educates the community on a variety of environmental topics as well as trees. This year we gave away more than 500 potted trees. Throughout the three phases of campus construction we have protected trees and incorporated them into the new landscaping. These are just some of the documented efforts on our campus required to maintain our Tree Campus USA award.

Our Tree Campus USA award plaque is proudly displayed in the administration building glass case along with other distinctions and recognition received throughout the years. Our college president and vice president support our projects and events. They too, know the important role trees play in our environment and attractiveness of our campus. The guiding principles in arbor care and planning we promote and follow ensure Lone Star College-Montgomery will be a Tree Campus USA model of distinction.

Like Lone Star College – Montgomery, hundreds of other colleges and universities around the nation are engaging their student body and broader community in tree planting and education through the Tree Campus USA program every year. Learn more about the Tree Campus USA program at

Tree Campus USA



Amber Filipi

Program Coordinator

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