Vole, Gopher and Termite Inspection

Purchasing a home? Refinancing?   Have our licensed pest control technicians complete a wood destroying organism (WDO) pest inspection. Our report will satisfy your financing requirements but can also save you from headaches later if there are signs of damage prior to closing.   Our inspector will inspect your property and structure for damage and activity. Additionally, the inspector will point out conducive conditions that could lead to new activity or support an existing infestation such as firewood or debris stored against the home, wood siding contacting the soil and grade that does not slope away from the foundation. To avoid getting stuck with extensive damage that is typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance, buyers should always request a wood-boring pest inspection before finalizing the purchase of a home. Not all home inspectors can legally perform WDO inspections unless they work for a licensed pest control company and have been properly trained. Always hire a qualified home inspector to perform your WDO.   Call us today to schedule your inspection.

Does your yard look like this? After the snow melts, vole damage can become very apparent. Voles can leave tracks and burrow trails through the lawn from the Winter. Vole populations can grow very quickly in the Spring as this is their peak breeding season. Females can begin breeding as little as 40 days old and can have 5 litters of up to 10 young in each litter. Our licensed technicians can safely treat your property to help prevent further damage to your beautiful landscape.

Your lawn doesn’t need to look like a bad game of whack a mole or a treasure hunt gone awry. Gophers can cause significant damage to lawns and gardens in a short amount of time, especially in new subdivisions or other areas that are under development. Our licensed technicians can safely treat these tunnel systems to get populations under control quickly and to help prevent further damage to your beautiful landscape.

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